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Wordscapes is a word game that tests the player's vocabulary skills through the use of correspondence words. The player is given a list of ten words. The player must use the letters of at least six of the words to form the word that corresponds with the challenge word. The player can use any of the letters of the words in the challenge to make the word. Wordscapes is a word game that combines the gameplay of word puzzles and crosswords. The game is available on both smartphones and tablets, and is currently available in ten languages, with more on the way. Wordscapes is a word puzzle game from the creators of the popular game, Word Chums. In the game, the player is given a map with a series of letters on it. The player’s objective is to find as many words as possible on the map by following clues (e.g. an ‘A’ might be found next to the word ‘BANANA’).


The game starts with a scrambled grid, containing random letters. The player needs to find the words hidden in the grid, by swapping individual letters. Each word is shown in a list below the grid, with its corresponding number of letters, and the remaining letters are highlighted in green. The player can guess the letters one by one, or guess the entire word at once. The game is over when the player either fills in too many letters, or runs out of time.


The game is simple, with a mostly white background, and a blue bar that shows the player's progress. Each word is shown in yellow, with its corresponding number of letters.


The game is extremely replayable, as the player can choose to do either the Daily Puzzle, the Daily Challenge, or to play any level they've already unlocked.


  • The game is easy to understand
  • The game has replay value
  • The game is free


  • The game is only available on the iPhone
  • The game has no sound
  • The game is not interactive


Wordscapes is a word game that is available for free on the Android and iOS app stores. It is a bit like Scrabble, where you make words with letters on a grid. The difference is that you can make words in any direction, including diagonally.

Wordscapes Logo
Author: PeopleFun
Latest Version: 1.0.58
Publish Date: January 22, 2019
Size: 72M

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