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Hello Neighbor

Hello Neighbor is a stealth horror game from the development studio Dynamic Pixels. The player will play as a young boy who wants to figure out what is going on in his neighbor's house, who is a complete mystery to him. The player will have to use his tools to solve puzzles and avoid detection.

Hello Neighbor is an Xbox One game that was released on December 8, 2017. You play as a child who has just moved in to a new neighborhood, and the only thing different about your house is that it is in the middle of the woods. You are exploring your neighborhood when you notice your neighbor's house, which is abandoned. You are intrigued, so you go to investigate. You find a hole in the ground and start digging and find a bunker with all sorts of new and interesting things and a room with an imprisoned person. You get to explore and enjoy the dark secrets of your new neighbor and explore his house and the underground bunker of his.


The gameplay of Hello Neighbor is a mixture of puzzle solving and stealth. The player will need to collect items and use them to solve puzzles and outsmart the neighbor. The player will be able to hide and use the environment to not get caught.


The graphics of Hello Neighbor are very basic and minimalistic. They are not very detailed. The only colors the player will see are white and dark green, as if it is night time.

Information about replayability

Hello Neighbor has a high replayability as it has many puzzles, and new ones are added with updates.


The levels are not based on the same layout, so the player will not get bored
It is a very unique and original game
The puzzles and mechanics are very interesting and different, so the player will not get bored quickly
The game is free
There is not a lot of violence
The game has a very long story, so the player will not get bored quickly
The player has a lot of freedom when it comes to exploring the neighbor's house


  • The game is very short, so the player will not get much gameplay
  • The player will have to download it for free, so it will take up space
  • The game has bugs, so the player will have to deal with that
  • It can be very difficult to find certain items
  • The game is very repetitive, so the player will get bored very quickly


Hello Neighbor is a horror game in which the player plays as a young boy who wants to find out who his neighbor is. The player will need to solve puzzles and avoid detection, while collecting items to help the boy. The graphics are very simplistic, with only one color for the world. The game is free to download, but it might take up a lot of space. The player will have to deal with bugs, difficulty finding items, and repetitiveness. The game is very short, but it has a long story. Overall, this game is good because it has many puzzles which change throughout updates, but it also has many disadvantages.

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Author: tinyBuild
Latest Version: 1.0
Publish Date: July 7, 2020
Size: 34M

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