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Retro Bowl

Retro Bowl is a football game that came out in 1992, and it is a 2D side scrolling football game. If you enjoy sports games that bring back memories from the past, then Retro Bowl is the perfect game for you. Retro Bowl is a story-driven arcade sports game. It allows the player to choose from a variety of customizable bowlers from different countries and cultures, and bowl against their opponents.


In Retro Bowl, the player controls a football player and has to make their way up the field and score a touchdown. There are a variety of ways to score a touchdown, including being tackled by the opposing player. The player can sprint, defend, and pass the football. You can also have a teammate come in and block for you.


Retro Bowl has 2D graphics that are pixelated and have a retro feel to them. They are not as good as the graphics in newer games, but they do the job well. The graphics in Retro Bowl are simple and dated. The graphics are not the most attractive, but they do well for what they are. They are not flashy or high quality, but the graphics are still good enough for the game.


Retro Bowl is a fun game, but there is not a lot of replayability. The game is also a lot shorter than many other sports games. Retro Bowl is a game that is not very replayable. It is not a game that people would play all the time, but it is still an interesting game.


  • Retro Bowl has a lot of nostalgia and brings back memories from the past
  • It is a challenging game and requires a lot of strategy and skill
  • The graphics are pixelated and have a retro feel
  • The controls are simple
  • There is a lot of replayability because there are a variety of ways to score a touchdown
  • The price is low


  • Retro Bowl is a lot shorter than many other sports games
  • The graphics are not as good as newer games and can be pixelated and blurry
  • The controls are not as good as newer games
  • The game is a little repetitive
  • There is not a variety of different play modes


Retro Bowl is a one player only game consisting of two modes, arcade and league. Arcade mode is a quick play mode where there are no consequences for losing. League mode is an eight game long competition where the player is matched against an opponent of their skill level. There are three difficulty levels in league mode, easy, medium, and hard.

Retro Bowl Logo
Author: New Star Games
Latest Version: 1.4.93
Publish Date: October 5, 2021
Size: 16.52MB

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