Unveiling the Secrets to Obtaining the Ring of Disfavor in Dragon's Dogma 2

Emma Jones


Unveiling the Secrets to Obtaining the Ring of Disfavor in Dragon's Dogma 2

Your adventure to acquire the Ring of Disfavor commences with a journey to the region of Battahl. This step is foundational as all known locations where the ring can be found are nestled within this area. Prepare yourself adequately before venturing into Battahl, as the region is notorious for its challenging terrains and formidable opponents. Provisioning essential supplies and ensuring your party is well-equipped are prudent measures to undertake.

Step 1: Explore Highland Cavern

Locating Highland Cavern

Your first opportunity to lay hands on the Ring of Disfavor resides within the damp and dreary confines of Highland Cavern in Battahl. Navigate the perilous paths and keep an eye out for a chest discretely placed in the cavern's depths.

Explore Cavern

Acquiring the Ring

Upon finding the chest, proceed to open it, and with a bit of luck intertwined with fate, you will find the Ring of Disfavor nestled amongst its contents. Be wary of the cavern's denizens that lurk in the shadows, eager to protect the treasures within.

Step 2: Delve into the Coral Snake's Hideout

Initiating the Mercy Among Thieves Quest

A subsequent opportunity to obtain the Ring of Disfavor is intricately linked to the "Mercy Among Thieves" quest. Commence this quest by engaging with merchants along the main road into Battahl, who will relay tales of woes brought about by bandit activities.

Navigating to the Hideout

Guided by the merchants' pleas, your path will lead you to the Coral Snake's hideout. Navigate this treacherous lair with caution, as danger and deceit reside within.

Claiming Your Reward

Delve into the Coral Snake

Your perseverance will be rewarded upon completion of the quest, with the Ring of Disfavor being among the treasures you can claim. The challenge here lies not just in reaching the hideout but also in outwitting the cunning Coral Snakes.

Step 3: Engage in the Short-Sighted Ambition Quest

Beginning in Bakbattahl

The town of Bakbattahl serves as the setting for your final endeavor in this quest. Here, you must initiate the "Short-Sighted Ambition" quest, a tale of greed and consequence, by engaging with the quest giver.

Making the Difficult Decision

In the pursuit of the Ring of Disfavor, you will be faced with a moral dilemma. To acquire the ring via this route, you must choose to complete the quest in a manner that may not align with the noblest intentions, as detailed in providing Issac with the book "On the Transference of Souls 2."

Engage in the Short-Sighted Ambition Quest

Weighing the Consequences

Securing the Ring of Disfavor in this manner comes at a cost. Making this choice will lead to undesirable outcomes for the NPCs involved and also close down Issac's shop in Bakbattahl. This route demands contemplation, as the ring can indeed be acquired through alternate means less fraught with moral compromise.

Utilizing the Ring of Disfavor

Upon securing the Ring of Disfavor, understanding its optimal use is crucial. Equip this ring on your character or pawn who serves as the party's vanguard, such as a Fighter. This ensures that they draw enemy fire and attention, allowing your more vulnerable party members to operate with greater freedom and reduced risk. Remember, while the ring's effect is desirable in tactical combat, it must be employed judiciously not to overwhelm your frontline.

The quest for the Ring of Disfavor in Dragon's Dogma 2 is emblematic of the intricate balance between risk and reward that pervades the game. Each path to acquiring the ring presents its own set of challenges and moral decisions, demanding players weigh their choices carefully. Whether you choose to brave the depths of Highland Cavern, negotiate the treachery of the Coral Snake's hideout, or navigate the moral maze of Short-Sighted Ambition, your journey will undoubtedly be fraught with peril. Yet, armed with the knowledge from this guide, you stand ready to claim the Ring of Disfavor and carve your destiny in the annals of Dragon's Dogma 2.