Starting the Quest: Navigating to Mire Region in Fallout 76

Liam Williams


Starting the Quest: Navigating to Mire Region in Fallout 76

A distinct questline in Fallout 76, introduced through the Wastelanders update, offers players a fascinating experience with the "Crash Landing" quest. This narrative links them with U.S.S.A. astronaut Sofia Daguerre, one of the game's unique CAMP allies. The content below will guide you through initiating and completing the quest, ensuring you bring Commander Daguerre to your CAMP.

To begin the Crash Landing questline, you need to venture into the Mire Region. A prompt will pop up to investigate an emergency signal as you explore this area. This signal emanates from the Abandoned Bunker located between the Hunter's Shack and East Ridge Lookout. It's a relatively safe location, often devoid of enemies, making your initial journey less challenging.

Upon entering the bunker, ensure you deal with the Radroach on the wall opposite the entrance. Subsequently, moving deeper into the bunker, you find Commander Daguerre, who is injured and needs immediate assistance.

Aid and Introduction to Commander Daguerre

Aid and Introduction to Commander Daguerre

Commander Sofia Daguerre is discovered propped against a fusion generator, injured from her recent crash. Providing her with a Stimpak helps her regain enough strength to share her predicament. Sofia is an astronaut who participated in the Deep Sleep Mission and has just returned from space, only to witness Earth's devastation post-nuclear war. She is unaware of the war's extent and, after initial disbelief, asks for your help in locating her fellow crew members.

Retrieve the Flight Recorder

Your first task involves recovering the flight recorder from the downed spaceship. This crash site is situated south of the Abandoned Bunker. On reaching the wreckage, approach the cockpit to initiate the flight recorder extraction, which will take around two minutes. During this time, expect a hoard of Super Mutants attracted to the noise. Successfully defend against the Super Mutants and collect the flight recorder once the download is complete.

Reporting back to Commander Daguerre with the recorder, she reveals the need to decrypt it. She mentions a robot, Pandora, aboard the spaceship, who holds the decryption key and might have made its way to the nearest military depot post-crash.

Obtain the Encryption Key from Pandora

Upon setting out to locate Pandora, you'll receive a clearer picture of what you need to do. Use the emergency code: Blue Sunset, especially if your Intelligence level is 8 or higher, as it will prevent Pandora from becoming hostile. The code simplifies the process of retrieving the encryption key from the robot. If unable to use the code, prepare for a challenging encounter with an Assaultron to obtain the key.

Obtain the Encryption Key from Pandora

Returning to Commander Daguerre with the encryption key, you find her desperately trying to communicate using a terminal. Whether you choose to ask for additional payment with a Charisma score over 5 or not, you need to hand over the key. Sofia realizes that the bunker’s console isn’t repairable but proposes setting up a functional console at your CAMP.

Building the Console and Welcoming Commander Daguerre

Fast-travel back to your CAMP to build the U.S.S.A. Console, which will enable Commander Daguerre to continue her efforts. This console can be found in the Allies section of the build menu and can be constructed at zero cost. Upon installing the console, Commander Daguerre will relocate to your CAMP, marking the completion of the Crash Landing quest.

With Crash Landing done, Commander Sofia Daguerre is now a permanent ally at your CAMP. This unlocks a series of subsequent mini-quests, collectively known as The Woman Who Fell To Earth. These missions involve acquiring equipment upgrades and further investigating signals to trace her fellow astronauts. Engaging in these tasks unveils more about Commander Daguerre's backstory and her original space mission.

Conclusion: Embracing a Unique Ally

The Crash Landing questline is an engaging narrative experience bringing Sofia Daguerre to your Fallout 76 CAMP as a valuable ally. From her dramatic introduction to subsequent quests, players delve deep into a storyline beyond the usual post-apocalyptic survival. Embracing this mission not only enriches gameplay but ties you into a broader narrative arc, highlighting the importance of hope and resilience even in the face of overwhelming odds.