Roblox Gift Cards: How to Use Them

Emma Jones


Roblox Gift Cards: How to Use Them

Robux is the in-game premium currency that Roblox players can use to pay for cosmetics, upgrades, additional games, and even perks such as private servers, and if you are feeling thrifty, you might choose to start building your Roblox Credit for a rainy day right now. How to get this kind of cash remains an open question for many players, though. One possible answer is by cashing on your Roblox gift card that you have been wondering what to do with, so don’t miss a chance to learn how to start using your wealth! 

An important thing to factor in is whether you are using the Roblox application or the website. The bad news is that the app doesn’t yet support Roblox gift cards, which means you’ll need to go to the game’s site and unpack your card there. The procedure is as simple as that:

  1. Open a web browser and go to (this is the official Roblox website).

  2. Choose the Continue in browser option in case you have an app installed so that you can have access to the gift card functionality that’s only found in the browser version.

  3. Enter your login and password for Roblox to sign in.

  4. Tap Contunie in browser if offered the choice once again.

  5. You’ll land on the main page dedicated to your player account. Scroll all the way down to the bottom of it, looking for Gift cards.

  6. When you tap on it, you’ll get redirected to the section of the website that deals specifically with Roblox gift cards. Search for Redeem in the top part of it and tap on it.

  7. You’ll see an empty field, marked Code, which you need to fill out. Enter the code that you have stated on your gift card.

  8. Tap on Redeem to complete the procedure.

  9. You’ll be offered two options to choose from: either to get Robux in exchange for the card of to build your Roblox Credit. We recommend the latter option if you are in doubt because it gives you greater freedom in terms of how to spend the wealth in the Roblox universe.

  10. Select the option you need and wait for a success message to appear. For those who have chosen credit, there’s a possibility of using it immediately if you want to spend part of the “money.”

If you are an Android user, please pay attention to the fact that you cannot rely on the Android Roblox app to buy Roblox with a gift card. This is likely because Google Play Store is responsible for payments in all apps that you have downloaded via it. That is, the credit you have will be associated with your Play Store account, which is not really useful.

One natural question you may be asking now is how on earth you can get a Roblox gift card. The good news is that it’s easier than it probably sounds. Just as the name suggests, it’s typical to receive such cards as gifts from people who know you well enough to tell you are into the Roblox world. In case you want to pamper yourself with a shiny new card or make a friend happy, we have prepared an overview of how to purchase one.

There are two main options when it comes to buying a Roblox gift card, physical and digital. On the gift card page of the Roblox website, you’ll see a list of retailers that sell hard copies of such cards so you can choose one that’s located conveniently for you. Tap on the retailer’s logo to go to the purchase page. Alternatively, you get get a card directly from the Roblox website, in which you need to specify the amount, whether it’s for you or your friend, and whether you want a digital copy or a physical card to be delivered by mail.

Have you ever received a Roblox gift card? If yes, what was the occasion? If not, would you like to, and what would you likely use it for? Can you think of a person who might like it as a present? Leave a comment down below to share your opinion on this.