Finding Love in Skyrim: A Guide to Winning Aela the Huntress' Heart

Emma Jones


Finding Love in Skyrim: A Guide to Winning Aela the Huntress' Heart

Skyrim is not only a land of epic quests and battles but also a place where romance can blossom. Aela the Huntress stands as a fierce warrior and a potential spouse for those who admire strength and skill. This guide is your chaperone through the journey of winning Aela's trust, respect, and, ultimately, her love. We'll steer through the traditions of the Companions and the ritual of the Bonds of Matrimony, ensuring your wooing is as valiant as your swordplay.

Step 1: Joining the Companions

Joining the Companions

The first step in courting Aela is to integrate yourself into the renowned faction of warriors known as the Companions, headquartered in Whiterun's Jorrvaskr. Seek out Kodlak Whitemane and prove your mettle to gain entry into their ranks. Remember, impressing Aela begins by showing dedication and prowess in battle, attributes highly admired by all within The Circle of the Companions.

Step 2: Advancing through the Ranks

Your next objective is to engage in the quests meted out by the Companions. Whether it's a Radiant quest or one that's a named part of the Main Companions Questline, each task you undertake brings you closer to being seen as a worthy partner in the eyes of Aela. Patience and persistence are key - Aela values a partner who is dependable and unflinching in the heat of battle.

Step 3: The Blood Ritual

Once you've showcased your worth, you will be offered to join the elite group within the Companions, The Circle. This inner circle guards a profound secret: the ability to transform into a werewolf. Aela will be your sponsor for this Brotherhood of the Beast. Stand by her side, participate in the blood ritual, and you will share in her feral gift, binding you both in a way few others can understand.

The Blood Ritual

Step 4: Completing the Companions' Questline

The path to Aela's heart requires you to delve into the Companions' deeper quests, specifically "Purity of Revenge" and culminating in "Glory of the Dead." These quests are not only a test of character but also a resonant saga of honor and legacy. Completing these will raise you in Aela's esteem and provide a narrative of shared experience and adversity overcome together - a powerful foundation for a partnership.

Step 5: Expressing Your Intentions

With the Companions' quests behind you, it's time to express your affection openly. Travel to Riften and locate Priest Maramal, either at the Temple of Mara or The Bee and Barb to educate yourself on the customs of marriage in Skyrim. Here, you'll learn that donning the Amulet of Mara signifies your availability and intent to seek a partner. Purchasing the amulet from Maramal and displaying it proudly is your signal to the world, and more importantly to Aela, that your heart is open for love.

Step 6: Wooing Aela with Honesty and Respect

Wooing Aela with Honesty and Respect

Approach Aela with the Amulet of Mara gracing your neck and speak to her honestly about your desire to bond in matrimony. If you've earned her respect and admiration through your shared trials and victories, she will agree to unite with you. Remember that Aela values strength, loyalty, and courage - show her these virtues in your proposal and she will gladly consent to stand with you.

Step 7: The Bonding Ceremony

Once Aela has accepted your proposal, return to Maramal to arrange your marriage ceremony. The Temple of Mara will host the event, blessing your union within its hallowed halls. You may initiate the wedding immediately or wait a day - the choice is yours. Attend your own marriage ceremony, and as the gods bear witness, you and Aela will be wed in a moment of triumph not just for yourselves but for all of Skyrim to aspire to.

Ensure your love story echoes through the ages; win Aela the Huntress' hand with valor and vigilance. Embrace the journey with an earnest heart, and may Kyne's winds bless your path to matrimony.