Endless Legend: How to Get More Heroes - Ultimate Guide

Emma Jones


Endless Legend: How to Get More Heroes - Ultimate Guide

In Endless Legend, heroes are your pillar of strength, guiding your empire to glory. From leading armies to governing cities, they play crucial roles in your strategy. In this detailed manual, you'll learn how to get more heroes and strengthen your power in the exciting world of Auriga.

Step 1: Understanding the Role of Heroes

Understanding the Role

Before diving into how to acquire more heroes, it's essential to grasp their significance. Heroes in Endless Legend are specialized characters pivotal for managing cities, commanding armies, or conducting espionage. Each hero comes with unique abilities that align with their designated role, and they become even more formidable as they gain experience and level up.

Step 2: Starting with Your First Hero

Every empire in Endless Legend begins the game with a single hero. This hero can be assigned various tasks, from overseeing urban development to leading troops into battle. Utilize their abilities wisely to fortify your initial foothold in Auriga.

Step 3: Unlocking the Marketplace

The Marketplace is your go-to source for recruiting additional heroes. However, it is not available from the start. You need to research the Era I technology called Mercenary Market to unlock access to the Units and Heroes sections of the Marketplace.

Step 4: Accessing the Marketplace

Once you've researched the required technology, access the Marketplace through the button situated between the Diplomacy screen button and the Espionage screen button. This button leads you to a hub where you can view and purchase various units and heroes.

Step 5: Navigating the Heroes Section

Within the Marketplace, navigate to the Heroes section. Here, you will typically find a roster of ten heroes available for purchase. These heroes come with different abilities and backgrounds, suitable for various roles within your empire.

Step 6: Availability and Timing

Availability and Timing

It's crucial to understand the timing and availability of heroes in the Marketplace. New heroes appear approximately every ten turns. Among the ten available heroes, two to three will be exclusive to you for a limited time (usually around 15 turns), meaning only you can purchase them during this period. This exclusivity offers a strategic advantage, allowing you to procure the best heroes without competition.

Step 7: Making the Purchase

Select the hero that best suits your needs and complete the purchase. Upon purchase, heroes are sent to the Academy. From the Academy, you can assign them as Governors, Generals, or Spies, enhancing the efficiency and strength of your empire.

Step 8: Frequent Checks

Make it a habit to check back at the Marketplace periodically. Since the roster of available heroes refreshes approximately every ten turns, frequent visits ensure you don't miss out on acquiring heroes that align perfectly with your strategic goals.

Step 9: Quests as an Alternative

Beyond the Marketplace, heroes can also be obtained by completing specific quests. Each faction in Endless Legend has a main quest line that activates after you establish your first city. While the primary rewards from these quests include various assets, they occasionally grant additional heroes.

Step 10: Factions' Unique Questlines

Delve deep into your faction's narrative by pursuing its unique questline. These quests not only provide heroes but also offer rich lore and strategic rewards that can significantly alter your gameplay. Keep an eye out for quests that promise heroes as rewards and prioritize their completion for maximum advantage.

Step 11: Balancing Purchases and Quests

Balancing Purchases and Quests

While buying heroes from the Marketplace is a more straightforward and common method, don't ignore the potential of quest rewards. Combining both approaches will give you a well-rounded roster of heroes, enhancing your ability to respond to dynamic challenges in Auriga.

Step 12: Optimize Hero Roles

As you acquire more heroes, assign them roles that best utilize their unique abilities. Heroes as Governors can boost city production and efficiency, while those as Generals will fortify your military might. Spies, on the other hand, can provide critical intelligence and sabotage enemy operations.

Conclusion: Your Path to Dominance

Carefully balancing Marketplace purchases with quest completions will ensure a robust selection of heroes to guide your empire to glory. Empower your strategy, leverage each hero's skills effectively, and dominate the enchanting yet perilous world of Auriga.