Guide: How To Find Ore And Make Metal In Palworld

Emma Jones


Guide: How To Find Ore And Make Metal In Palworld

The vast universe of Palworld will force the player to hunt for various fantasy creatures and send him to the most remote corners of the world for mining. Most crafting endeavors will require iron first. Today, we're going to delve into how this resource is harvested in Palworld..

Ore Prospecting And Mining

Iron is not the rarest resource in Palworld. With careful exploration of the world, players will quickly find suitable deposits. Iron is easily distinguished by its ambiguous color, in which black, white, gray, and brown colors are predominantly distinguished. The location of the mineral does not depend on the terrain — it can be found outdoors and in caves. In addition, there will be no shortage of resources since any deposits are constantly replenished after a certain period.

mine map Palworld

In the screenshot above, we have marked all the available minerals in the game. We will tell you separately about the largest deposits in Palword with coordinates:

  • - "-254, -361" — iron (8 units);
  • - "185, -37" — iron (8 units), coal (6 units);
  • - "59, -397" (behind the "Old Church") — iron (9 units).

When mining iron, the player may have a problem with the enormous weight of the fossil. It will not be possible for a small man to carry huge reserves, so we recommend building a camp next to ore deposits. As a hint, we note the location of all iron deposits in the screenshot below.

iron deposits Palworld

There is no way to do without suitable bollards, among which it is best to give preference to those assistants who have received the second level of production and more:

  • - Kattiva;
  • - Pengking;
  • - Depressors;
  • - Rashoa;
  • - Fuddler;
  • - Insinuators;
  • - Dumad;
  • - Anubis;
  • - Digtos.

Tools will not be required to self-collect ore, but the process will take a long time without them. It is best to get a stone pickaxe or other valuable items. The same tools must be transferred to the palam.

You can get the first stone pickaxe in the early stage of the game at the first level of technology. To accomplish this task, you will need to utilize a basic crafting table and gather materials dispersed around the vicinity.:

  • - stone — 5 units;
  • - wood — 5 units

Next to the hardware, we are building a small base — this will help the palam not to get lost in their tasks and perform all actions without mistakes. What will be required in the camp:

  • - A container for bollards.
  • - Chest.
  • - The feeder.
  • - Bed.
  • - A primitive oven.

Digtos, Kattiva, and Rashoa will be the best in ore mining, as they can cope with the task quickly. We recommend taking a Lamboll to the squad to deliver the received iron to the main base efficiently. Other similar allies may be helpful for transportation. It is unnecessary to involve bollards like Penking in the work since they can move on to other tasks, staying within the primary goal.

metal armor in palworld

You can simplify the process by using the correct location of objects on the base. Please do not put them too close to each other, as assistants can get confused in their models. We always take into account the size of the characters.

  • - An example of a work crew:
  • - Digtos — mines ore.
  • - Kattiva — collects the iron and takes it to the chest.
  • - Foxparks — melts ore.
  • - Lamboll — takes the iron to the main base.

Metal Melting

After mining the iron, you can melt the ore to create metallic and refined ingots. First, you need to build a primitive furnace that will become available at the tenth level of technology.

Resources for creating a primitive furnace:

  • - stone — 50 units;
  • - wood — 20 units;
  • - the flame organ is three units.

As we mentioned earlier, stone and wood can easily be found anywhere worldwide. The flame organ falls out of the fires of the fiery elements, for example, Foxparks and Ruby. We collect items, murder the corresponding bollards, create an oven, and proceed to obtain resources. One metal ingot will require two units of ore.

Palworld game art

To work with the furnace, you need to put a saw with the ability to "Kindle fire" since these allies will be able to melt iron. The collection of finished ingots is currently unavailable for bollards, so we take the received materials manually.

After reaching the thirty-fourth level of technology, it is worth improving the primitive furnace. After the discovery of this innovation, we collect resources for pumping the stove:

  • - stone — 100 units;
  • - cement — 30 units;
  • - the plameter organ is 15 units.

We collect the stone again in the open world, get the flame organ from the killed fire sticks, and create cement from the sticks' rocks, bones, and bodily fluids. First, We must improve the workbench to get a high-quality version of the "desktop." From now on, we extract one refined metal for two units of metal ore and coal.