What You Need to Know About Locations, Rewards, and Quests in WoW Dragonflight

Liam Williams


What You Need to Know About Locations, Rewards, and Quests in WoW Dragonflight

WoW Dragonflight is out now, which means it's high time for players to learn all about Dragonriding. The name itself already says a lot about the main theme of what is happening. Epic dragon racing is what awaits the players. Here you can compete and find out who is the most skillful of all.

In order to succeed in racing you need to know some key aspects that will allow you to achieve the best results. Although there are quite a few nuances, there are two main obstacles that every player will face.

While racing, avoid Elemental Orbs and Stun Orbs. Upon contact with the first, the player will be slowed down for 2 seconds, and upon contact with the second, the player will be stunned for a second. If collisions cannot be avoided, then Wind boosts and Vigor Orbs will help to compensate for the negative effects. These elements will allow you to speed up and increase the amount of energy in order to get out of the stun faster.

Dragonflight has a huge variety of different quests, which, although they have a general concept in the form of dragon races, are still quite varied in detail. All quests have many levels of difficulty, ranging from beginner to very difficult tours where you will need to apply a very high level of skill. Also, the game is full of various rewards that will make the players' victories even more enjoyable. A huge list of various in-game items will be an additional motivation in order to strive for victory.

Do you think the abundance of locations, quests, and rewards in WoW Dragonflight had a positive impact on the popularity of the game? Is the decision about different difficulty levels for in-game quests correct? Please share your thoughts with others in the comments below.