Unveiling the Expansive Fighter Lineup for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

Liam Williams


Unveiling the Expansive Fighter Lineup for Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero

The Game Awards of 2023 served as the platform for Bandai Namco to excite Dragon Ball enthusiasts with the revelation of Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero, a much-anticipated addition to the gaming franchise. This latest title promises to deliver genuine battle mechanics and the iconic moves of its rich assembly of fighters. The claim of a vast character selection has held true; the game boasts an impressive roster of 164 fighters ready for action.

Among the first 24 characters to make the roster are 11 distinct incarnations of the series hero Goku and 13 versions of his eternal adversary Vegeta. This lineup includes a variety of their formidable Super Saiyan transformations. A breakdown of these characters was shared by @Okami13_ on Twitter, providing eager fans with a sneak peek.

An accompanying trailer was released alongside the announcement, providing a glimpse of the high-octane combat and stunning graphics players can anticipate. As the trailer concluded, it teased the game's character selection screen with 164 slots, hinting at the expansive roster. Visible among the characters were beloved figures such as Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, and Yamcha, standing with Goku and Vegeta. Numerous empty spaces also offer much room for speculation about additional characters that may join the fray.

Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero marks the fourth installment in the Budokai Tenkaichi saga, a series that has lain dormant for over a decade. The return of the franchise has sparked an immense thrill within the community of fans who are eagerly awaiting a new chapter in the series. While the anticipation is palpable, details such as the launch date remain under wraps, leaving fans to wonder if the game will fulfill their high expectations.