Spotify Meets Roblox

Liam Williams


Spotify Meets Roblox

Spotify has posted an announcement on its official website that it’s going to become the first-even music streaming service to have a presence in the Roblox universe. This is to take the form of the so-called Roblox Island. This refers to a location in the game where players can gather and engage in a fun sound experience centered around Spotify, creating new sound content and enjoying limited-access merch. The post refers to Roblox Island as an “audio oasis that has it all.” Available activities will include a wide range of things to do, from unlocking exclusive content to taking in-game quests with a lot in between.

Roblox Island boasts some virtual beat-maker stations that have been brought to you by Soundtrap, a Spotify-owned digital audio recording platform. Don’t hesitate to visit the fairy-tale-like island if you’d like to mingle with some talented artists, too, because you’ll have more than one opportunity to do so. For those who fall on the fiercely competitive end of the player spectrum, there are The Charts, which you can conquer by collecting more points than others. Finally, remember to look closely at what you come across on the island, for Spotify promises a variety of Easter eggs for the most sharp-eyed players.

The landscapes of Roblox Island are formed by familiar shapes and icons, and the color scheme is more than familiar to a Spotify fan. Try collecting the heart-shaped Like icons if you are interested in some special merch, for example, and enjoy the innovative brand interaction system brought about by Spotify and Roblox. Add themed islands to visit every once in a while during the year, and you get a highly engaging experience on the interface of the two worlds. Do you think Roblox Island stands a high chance of becoming a hit? Share in the comments.