Rockstar Unveils GTA 6 Amidst Leaked Trailer Snafu

Liam Williams


Rockstar Unveils GTA 6 Amidst Leaked Trailer Snafu

Rockstar Games finds itself in the spotlight once more, shedding light on Grand Theft Auto 6 in the aftermath of the unexpected early appearance of the game's reveal trailer. In a recent disclosure from Take-Two Interactive, it was conveyed that the much-anticipated title will initially make its way onto PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, with no explicit reference to a PC version at this juncture.

Reflecting on previous launches, Grand Theft Auto V and its predecessor, Grand Theft Auto IV both planted their first digital footprints within the console realms, only making the transition to PC gamers sometime afterward—six months for GTA IV and a more prolonged eighteen months for GTA V.

In the words echoed through Take-Two's announcement, Sam Houser, the illustrious founder of Rockstar Games, spoke to the aspirational goals for GTA VI, emphasizing an ambition to stretch the boundaries of immersive, narrative-driven open-world games even further. Houser communicated his excitement over unveiling this progressive game world to the awaiting fanbase.

Positioned to step into the limelight of Leonida, a state where the luminous avenues of Vice City stretch out into new territories, GTA 6 is touted as a groundbreaking step forward, promising the most expansive and engrossing experience within the Grand Theft Auto canon to date.

Despite having earmarked Tuesday for the official GTA 6 trailer reveal, a premature leak sprung on Monday from an anonymous X (Twitter's successor) handle, sharing a low-resolution, heavily branded copy of the promotional footage. In response to the unforeseen leak, Rockstar opted for an expedient release of the high-quality trailer on YouTube, urging viewers to opt for the genuine article.

The leakage also spilled over into sentiment among the creators themselves. The disappointment was palpable in a statement from Javier Altman, a Senior Gameplay Animator on the GTA 6 team, who lamented the stolen chance to witness the live worldwide response to their labor of love alongside the rest of the development crew. Despite this setback, Altman voiced tremendous pride in the project, inviting everyone to relish the official trailer despite the earlier disruption.