Original Super Mario RPG Director Chihiro Fujioka Has No Involvement with the Game's Remake

Liam Williams


Original Super Mario RPG Director Chihiro Fujioka Has No Involvement with the Game's Remake

The original creator of Super Mario RPG, Chihiro Fujioka, has addressed quintessential rumors surrounding his involvement in the massively anticipated remake of the game. Speculations emerged from eager fanbases, but Fujioka has confirmed that he is not part of the game's reconstruction project.

Chihiro Fujioka, who was the director of the original Super Mario RPG released in the 1990s, disclaimed assertions about his participation in the game's reprised version in a tweet. Fujioka commented that he would love to return to the franchise but was never contacted by the team working on the remake. 

Although Fujioka was thrilled about the recreation of the Super Mario RPG, his non-involvement leaves the fans dubious about the game's prospects. His creative input in crafting the initial version was a blend of classic Mario elements with role-playing integrations, which was a celebrated innovation in the gaming industry back then. Notably, the original version accumulated a dedicated following over the years, placing a significant expectation on the current developers' shoulders.

Despite Fujioka's lack of partaking in the Super Mario RPG remake, his hopeful spirit indicates his possible return to the industry in a similar capacity. Given the success of the initial Super Mario RPG, gamers would love to see him use his creative prowess to breath new life into existing or new franchises.

While Super Mario RPG fans graciously accept Fujioka's non-involvement, the adoration and appreciation for his vision remains. His influence on the original game was so profound that any reproduction will undeniably carry his inspirational traces. Meanwhile, the gaming community keenly anticipates how the new team will reimagine the Super Mario RPG