Meta Waves Goodbye to its Quest Pro VR Headset

Liam Williams


Meta Waves Goodbye to its Quest Pro VR Headset

Meta, formerly known as Facebook, has reportedly put a halt to the production of its premium VR headset, the Quest Pro. Revealed at the Meta Connect conference in October of last year, the premium VR headset seemed to promise a new leap in virtual reality technology. However, according to sources, Meta is pulling the plug on the Quest Pro in a move that has left the tech world somewhat surprised.

The Information reported that Meta had informed its suppliers at the start of the year that it would not require any new components for the Quest Pro. This means that the production of the high-end VR headset is coming to a halt. To further solidify this decision, Goertek, the manufacturer of the Quest Pro, has also announced that it would continue to produce units only as long as the already available supplies last.

But the Quest Pro isn't the only headset that Meta seems to be giving up on. Earlier in the year, Meta announced that it was developing two new headsets alongside the Quest 3. One of these was expected to be a budget-friendly version of the Quest 3, and the other, a high-end device codenamed La Jolla. The latter was speculated to be the successor to the Quest Pro.

However, according to reports, Meta has also decided to halt the development of this second-generation hardware. The reasons behind this sudden change in plans remain unclear. It's possible that the company is reassessing its priorities and shifting its focus to other projects.

While the discontinuation of the Quest Pro and the rumored La Jolla device may come as a surprise, it's important to remember that tech companies often change their plans based on their strategic goals and market trends. The VR market is still evolving, and Meta might be strategizing for a different approach to its VR ventures. In the meantime, VR enthusiasts can only wait and watch what Meta has in store for the future of virtual reality.

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