Google is making Chrome on iOS safer than ever

Liam Williams


Google is making Chrome on iOS safer than ever

Google is making Chrome on iOS even safer than before with the introduction of five new features, two of which are security-oriented.

The first is Enhanced Safe Browsing, which predicts and warns users if web pages are dangerous, helping to minimize the threat of phishing or malware attacks. When a user types in their credentials into a website, Chrome can now also warn them if the information was compromised in an earlier data breach and suggest an update.

The second security-oriented upgrade is the ability to fill in passwords on any app, as Chrome on iOS now comes with Google Password manager built-in. This allows users to autofill their login credentials into any app, saving time and effort.

Other newly introduced features include faster translation of pages from different languages, with the help of on-device machine learning, and making it easier for users to discover new content or start a fresh search after being away for a while.

The final change, Chrome Actions, will allow users to save time by typing an action’s title into the address bar. The address bar will also be able to predict when the user could benefit from a Chrome Action, based on the words already typed.

With these new features, Chrome on iOS is becoming an even more secure and user-friendly browser.