Google Has Once Again Fixed a Zero-Day Vulnerability in the Latest Update

Emma Jones


Google Has Once Again Fixed a Zero-Day Vulnerability in the Latest Update

Although we would all like to live in a world where complete cyber security reigns supreme, the reality is such that there is an endless race among developers in an attempt to create software that cannot be breached by cybercriminals. Unfortunately, cases when attackers find gaps in the security system and use them before the developers solve the problem are far from rare.

Such situations are called "zero-day" vulnerabilities. The most popular programs and applications are the number one target for cyber-attacks, and therefore the Google Chrome browser is one of the main targets. Recently, its developers shared the details of solving another zero-day vulnerability, which happened for the eighth time in a year.

The issue that the Google Chrome developer resolved, codenamed CVE-2022-4135, was a heap buffer overflow that occurred in the GPU. This, in turn, provides access to those areas of memory that are usually well protected, which means that it becomes possible to control your computer. Google has fixed this issue, but this vulnerability has already been exploited by unscrupulous persons in a malicious exploit. Thankfully, the emergency update for Chrome 107 fixed this exploit.

In view of this event, it seems especially important to update your browser regularly. Therefore, users should once again make sure that their Google Chrome browser version is 107.0.5304.121. As the problem of cyber security is getting worse every day, it is important to be responsible for timely software updates for all applications.

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