F2P PUBG Gaining More and More Users

Liam Williams


F2P PUBG Gaining More and More Users

This year, the iconic shooter PUBG went free. After that, the game began to break records regularly for new players' growth.

The transition to the F2P model took place in January of this year. It still retains microtransactions that players can carry out to level up their characters. This format is not always successful, and some users prefer to subscribe and have full access to the game's features. Obviously, PUBG players are much more flexible and loyal.

As the latest developer report shows, the project boasts a daily increase of 80000 users. Of course, not all of them will stay with the game for long; some just pop in to see what it is. Nevertheless, it is impressive, indicating a successful transition to a new monetization model. In addition to these statistics, the developers also talked about the fact that the income from the game has increased. In particular, users began to spend 20% more on in-app purchases. The profits of Krafton, which owns the project, are up 33% from last year. Unfortunately, the report does not indicate exactly how much the game itself brought to it and not other third-party activities. But that's probably the bulk of the income.

It is worth saying that such success was not expected. The fact is that many regular players were against the transition to the F2P scheme and actively expressed their dissatisfaction on the forums, in particular on Steam. The game's rating has dropped to 56%, but it gradually improves as new users leave positive comments. In the referenced report, Krafton also talked about two games that are in development. The first is from the creators of Subnautica (Unknown Worlds); the second will be based on the fantasy Project Windless.

Please share your thoughts on Krafton games! Do you play PUBG? Are you looking forward to some new projects from this company