Electrolux Restructures: Selling Off Assets and Shifting Focus to Digital Household Appliances

Emma Jones


Electrolux Restructures: Selling Off Assets and Shifting Focus to Digital Household Appliances

Electrolux, a prominent manufacturer of home appliances, is gearing up for a significant restructuring. The company recently announced plans to sell off assets worth SEK 10 billion ($1.1 billion) as part of a strategic shift towards digital household appliances. The move comes in the wake of a pre-tax loss of SEK 630 million ($70.4 million) in the second quarter of this year.

The decision to sell off assets was announced by Electrolux CEO Jonas Samuelsson during the company's Q2 report. He emphasized that the decision was part of a strategic initiative to shift the company's focus rather than a response to poor sales. Among the parts of the business that are set to be sold is the Italian appliance manufacturer Zanussi. Operations in South Africa and Egypt will also be sold, despite good sales performance in these regions.

Samuelsson stated, "It is a sharpening of our business. We sell to shift focus and sell what does not fit into our strategy." In practical terms, this means Electrolux will transition from producing traditional products like water heaters to manufacturing more sophisticated, digitally-controlled household appliances.

Moving forward, Electrolux plans to prioritize the development of smart products that can be remotely controlled via apps. This shift indicates the company's determination to stay on pace with the rapidly evolving technology in the home appliances sector. 

This restructuring can be seen as a crucial move by Electrolux to maintain relevance in an increasingly digital market. By letting go of assets that no longer align with their strategic vision, the company is making room for innovation and growth in the realm of smart household appliances. As the global demand for smart appliances continues to rise, Electrolux seems well-positioned to ride this wave and potentially gain market share.

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