Elden Ring: FromSoftware Announces New Expansion 'Shadow of the Erdtree'

Emma Jones


Elden Ring: FromSoftware Announces New Expansion 'Shadow of the Erdtree'

FromSoftware, the studio behind one of the most anticipated video games of 2022, Elden Ring, has announced a new major expansion for the game. Titled ‘Shadow of the Erdtree’, this new expansion is set to offer fans an even deeper experience with the game and promises to take players on an epic adventure. The company has unveiled key artwork hinting at what fans can expect from this exciting new content.

The Game Awards 2022 winner celebrated its first anniversary on February 25th, but no news regarding any additional content was revealed then. However, three days later FromSoftware took to Twitter to announce their first major DLC for Elden Ring - Shadow Of The ErdTree. Along with announcing it, they also released some intriguing artwork which provides us with a unique look at what may be included in this expansion pack. A blog post was also released confirming that this DLC will be available on PC and all current/next-gen consoles like PS4/PS5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series S/X, respectively, when it releases sometime soon in 2023 (no exact date yet).

The teaser image provided by FromSoftware shows off two powerful-looking characters standing atop a tall tree surrounded by darkness and fog in an otherwise unknown location within Elden Rings world setting – though not much else can be said about these characters or where exactly they are located as nothing else is known about them yet. What we do know, however, is that these two mysterious figures seem to have some kind of connection or importance related to The ErdTree. This could mean that there might be something special waiting for players once they complete various tasks related to discovering more about The ErdTree throughout their journey within Shadow Of The ErdTree, which would surely make things interesting!

In conclusion, while details regarding Shadow Of The ErdTree are still scarce, what we do know already looks promising enough. With its release expected sometime later this year, hopefully, soon, more information will become available from FromSoftware, which should give us better insight into what awaits us within this exciting expansion pack!