Deviation Games Has Shut Down

Liam Williams


Deviation Games Has Shut Down

In a surprising turn of events, Deviation Games, an indie development studio founded by former Call of Duty talents, has reportedly ceased operations. This unexpected closure has left its staff, including senior character artist Alec Hunstad and lead user interface engineer Andrew Carroll, in search of new employment opportunities. Both Hunstad and Carroll took to LinkedIn to share their situations, expressing their intentions to find roles that match their expertise. Hunstad is keen on securing a senior character artist position, while Carroll, having only recently joined Deviation Games, expressed his sadness over the studio's abrupt closure, highlighting the brief but impactful time spent with the team.

Since its announcement in 2021, Deviation Games has faced several challenges, including the departure of its co-founder, Jason Blundell, in 2022. Further complications emerged in May 2023 with reports suggesting the cancellation of the studio's main project—a live service game intended for the PS5 platform. These events ultimately led to the studio's closure, leaving its team to navigate the competitive job market in hopes of finding new roles that align with their skills and experience.