Battlefield 2042: A new patch for Season 6 has been released

Liam Williams


Battlefield 2042: A new patch for Season 6 has been released

The game developer DICE recently unveiled a comprehensive set of patch notes for the much-awaited Season 6 installment of Battlefield 2042, titled 'Dark Creations'. Besides the standard package of bug rectifications, the novel update also unveils several operator equilibrium tweaks, particularly for two overlooked Engineers, Boris and Crawford.

As elaborated by the developers, Boris' modification is aimed at optimizing his Sentry Turret's damage output. Crawford, meanwhile, is equipped with an all-new Specialist trait termed 'Deep Pockets', enabling an extra rocket for shoulder-mounted launchers. With the release of Battlefield 2042 Season 6 already live, these game enhancements can be experienced soon.

These are certainly not the only improvements DICE has incorporated in the latest season. Numerous other tweaks impacting various aspects have been integrated into the game. Here's a detailed rundown of what to anticipate.

Battlefield 2042 Season 6 Patch Notes Highlights

AI, Soldier, and General Upgrades

A New feature enabling the automatic throwing of ammo/medical crates, akin to the auto-throw grenades function, is introduced. An onscreen notification is added to alert a player if a squadmate tries to deploy on them during combat, prompting them to seek cover. The incorrect directional arrow display on some world icons has been fixed. A glitch causing the Nightstick Melee Weapon to fire an invisible projectile has been resolved. A feature that gave downed players the appearance of being alive on the big map when playing as a Support Specialist has been fixed, among many other general improvements.

Audio Refinement

Several game sounds have been polished, and audio fixes have been introduced around foliage assets on the Hourglass map. The presence of the tinnitus sound effect from low-damage explosions has been removed. Resupplying Med Pens from a Medical Crate now has audio, among many other audio enhancements.

Class Changes

The Recon class now has a weapon proficiency for secondary weapons, alongside sniper rifle proficiency. This enables faster switching between weapons, promising a mix of flexible and potent weapon combinations.

Maps and Modes

Certain outbreak spots on Hourglass and Discarded maps have been resolved. On the Reclaimed map, an issue in Custom Conquest where points B1 and B2 were not operating as expected has been fixed. Fast Conquest witnesses a correction in the number of team tickets.

Gadgets & Specialists

Several issues associated with gadgets and specialist characters have been resolved, such as Boris' Sentry Turret, Casper's Recon Drone, Crawford's Trait, Dozer's Shield, and Falck's Syrette Pistol, among others.

Vehicle Improvements

Several notable changes include altered physics for a more grounded experience, better maneuverability for MBTs, lowered max speed for Bolte & LATV4 and EBAA Wildcat, jet afterburner meter addition, and balancing the power of the EMKV90 TOR, among other improvements.

Class-Specific Weapon Changes

Assault-class weapon VCAR undergoes improvements, including fixes for camera shake and the absence of a hold-breath option for the SVD.

Explosion Balancing

Frag Grenade and Scatter Grenade blast radius have been reduced to maintain a more balanced combat field, among other adjustments.

These are some of the significant changes detailed in the Battlefield 2042 Season 6 patch notes. Check our pages for more information on the Season 6 end date and Game Pass compatibility of Battlefield 2042.