Apple Music Shared a New Achievement

Liam Williams


Apple Music Shared a New Achievement

Apple Music announced a new achievement recently. Their music streaming collection is now over 100 million tracks. Compared to rival Spotify's figure of 80 million, this is a significant milestone for Apple Music. 

The application appeared on the market in 2015. Since then, it has constantly been improving and attracting more and more attention from users. Apple Music allows them to play compositions online and save tracks for further listening without access to the Internet. The application is convenient for creating playlists according to their interests. When the user selects a song, they see a lot of recommendations. For example, they can listen to other versions of the current song: remixes, lyrics, and other versions. There is also an opportunity to view a clip. Also, the user will see many recommendations among similar music or artists. 

Apple Music has a lossless audio feature that translates music into a higher resolution. In addition to these advantages, Apple has more convenient rate plans. For example, the Apple one plan includes access not only to the Apple Music app, but also to Apple Arcade, Apple TV, and iCloud storage. 

Music streaming in Apple Music is available not only to iOS users but also to those who use Android. Moreover, compositions can be played with smart speakers. 

The Apple Music app is currently available in 167 countries. For example, in India, the plan starts at 49 rupees per month for Apple Music Voice Plan. The difference between this plan and the standard app is that you need to start music with your voice. You must tell the Siri voice assistant what song or musical genre you want to listen to. The app will also pick up recommendations for automatic playback. 

The standard package plan will cost you Rs. 99 with the ability to listen to unlimited music on any device. Where do you prefer to listen to your favorite tracks?