A Smarter Way to Save Your Favorite Music on Spotify

Liam Williams


A Smarter Way to Save Your Favorite Music on Spotify

Streaming services have become the go-to way of listening to music, and Spotify is one of the most prominent players in this market. To make it easier for users to save their favorite songs and add them to playlists, the streaming service recently replaced its long-standing heart icon with a new "plus" button. This feature provides an improved way to store and organize your preferred tunes. 

The new plus button can be found on the right side of Spotify's “Now Playing” view. When you tap it, you'll get access to two different options – you can add the currently playing song or podcast episode directly into your “Liked Songs” collection or playlist. You'll also receive visual confirmation – after tapping the plus sign, it will turn green, indicating that you've successfully saved a song or episode. 

Additionally, if you're looking at albums, playlists, or audiobooks, a similar plus button appears on the left side of each page's action bar below its cover art. Tapping on it adds that particular collection into the “Your Library” section so that saving multiple songs from one album becomes much easier than before. 

The new plus icons are rolling out globally over several weeks starting today, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! Spotify claims this update should make it easier for people who frequently curate their personalized playlist collections by giving them more control over managing their music libraries; they no longer have separate steps of 'saving' and 'adding'. 

These changes are part of Spotify’s effort to provide a better user experience and encourage more people to use its service without compromising convenience or speed. The new design makes it much simpler for users who want to save songs quickly without needing extra steps like opening separate windows or going through menus – all they have to do is hit one single button multiple times!  Moreover, this update gives listeners more control over their collections since they now have options when adding songs from various sources like albums and podcasts into their library – something not available before with just the heart icon alone. 

With this update, Spotify has ensured that storing your preferred tunes is efficient and straightforward without needing too many clicks or taps, making users' experience smoother while managing large music libraries across multiple platforms!